Our Story:

"Anything Art." A motto Leila Issam has held dear to her heart at a very young age. During a time when children exhibit signs of whether they will grow into appreciators of art or its architects, Leila clearly had the qualities of the latter. 

Leila first obtained her Baccalaureate in French Literature and Philosophy, a combination she felt she needed first in order to understand the discipline that continues today in her thinking process of creating luxury products. 

She then moved to Paris to study art and design where she experimented with different fine art techniques, as well as design in all its forms including conceptual or interior. 

But it was after she moved to Florence did the jewelley world strike her from every angle, and began a quest for an art form she would take as her own. 

Leila grew up with a sense of business, coming from a family of luxury retailers. Prior to launching her own brand in the year 2014, Leila started her career in the corporate world to understand the gold and diamond business from mining all the way towards distribution.