A Blend of Contemporary and Timeless Finesse

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Leila Issam, creator and curator of emotions

A young creative entrepreneur behind a growing sophisticated jewellery brand and lifestyle concept Golden Boho, Leila Issam’s journey is a combination of creative intuition, thoughtful experience and business savviness. Born in the United States of a Palestinian-Qatari father and an Algerian mother who lived in France, brought up in Qatar, educated in France and living in Jordan for the past ten years, Leila’s exposure has brought to her to understand different cultures and their own sensitivities.

Leila finds her inspiration in emotions. “I am a person’s person: I enjoy meeting people, discussing their journeys and feelings.” Translating those into jewels is her specific work. “I remember seeing my mother, some years ago, wearing a beautiful Colombian emerald necklace, a prize possession. I walked into the room and there she was, an image of strength and beauty. It was a moment I will never forget.” It also explains why green has remained one of her “favourite positive colours” she says with a smile.

“My crafting process starts with sourcing a stone. I draw around it and gather the other materials I need. It’s a simultaneous process.” 

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Product image

“Women’s strength means a lot to me,” says Leila, who practices extreme sports, from sky diving to underwater diving. She notices when people “are going through strong emotions ; it attracts me,” she admits. One of her current signature pieces is a bracelet studded with spinel – a rare gemstone often associated to rubies and sapphires. Each stone on the wrist band is of a different cut and colour hue, “ from royal blue to lavender pink”, symbolising a succession of changing emotions, each unique and precious. Under its apparent simplicity lies a complex and elegant creation, reflecting continuity and impermanence simultaneously.