A Blend of Contemporary and Timeless Finesse

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"Anything Art," an adage, Leila Issam Fine Jewellery born in the year 2014, and run by the Middle Eastern creative director and jewellery designer Leila Abu Issa. Leila grew up in sensation immersed with business, descending from a family of luxury retailers.

The designer first obtained her Baccalaureate in French Literature and Philosophy, a combination she thought was needed first to understand the discipline that continues today in her thinking process of creating luxury jewellery products. Her journey then moved to Paris to study art and design where experimentation with different fine art techniques had begun, forming further development in conceptual design. 

Before launching her jewellery brand, Leila started her career in the diamond corporate world towards launching Leila Issam Fine Jewellery in Amman – Jordan. While infusing the designer's education and entrepreneurial flair, Leila began redesigning existing jewellery items for clients from her own home – grown to a now expanded designer label showcasing in multiple retail stores across the region. 

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The house of Leila Issam Fine Jewellery is about the freedom of creating, imagining and dreaming. The use of diamonds in luxury designs expresses shape to a unique, yet a familiar empowered female. The designer represents signature label designs in slim and dainty designs as well as bold in envy statements. Studied aesthetic and form are constantly enhanced to female beauty and practicality. All in a blend of contemporary and timeless finesse.